The Sheriff’s Reserve Association was established by civic and business leaders within Alachua County Florida.

SRA is an independent and non-profit organization which is operated by a board of directors, who work closely with law enforcement leadership. SRA provides funding to support Volunteer Law Enforcement programs to help meet needs that are not satisfied by the regular law enforcement budgets. Your tax-deductible contributions will support these types of volunteer law enforcement in many ways, including:

  • Equipment and technology
  • Recruitment & initial training of reserve officers
  • Specialized training
  • Crime prevention
  • Neighborhood and traffic safety
  • Innovative public safety programs

Reserve officers are community-spirited men and women who continue their full-time chosen careers, while also serving as volunteer part-time law enforcement officers. They receive no salary or compensation for their service.

Reserve officers are trained law enforcement officers who either complete the full training and perform the same job duties as career police officers, or who complete a shorter version of the police academy training and assist other full time officers under their direct supervision. They supplement the law enforcement daily operational capabilities. In addition, they are a force of additional  officers which may be deployed for additional homeland security during times of natural or man-made emergencies.